12 Cocktails of Christmas

The Holiday Season is underway, and what better way to celebrate the countdown to Christmas than with a cocktail a day. Our task this year was to find 12 cocktail recipes that could all be made with a single bottle of booze, and Ketel One brand Vodka was our bottle of choice. With the variety of flavor profiles of the cocktails on this list, there is truly something that everyone will enjoy. If you make any of these drinks at home, please post them on social media and tag Table & Vine – we’d love to see them! Always remember that the best way to spread Christmas cheer is drinking cocktails when friends are near.

Day One
Jack Frost

This has to be the most beautiful holiday cocktail! The tiffany blue color is gorgeous and just perfect for Christmas. View today’s recipe here.

Day Two
Peppermint White Russian

A classic cocktail with a holiday twist. This drink is perfect for entertaining a large crowd, as it’s incredibly simple to make. It’s at the top of our Christmas List this year! View today’s recipe here.

Day Three
Cranberry Mule

If you’re a fan of a traditional Moscow Mule, this is the drink for you! With its subtle but delicious cranberry flavor, this cocktail could turn into a year-round staple for your at-home bar. View today’s recipe here.

Day Four
Egg Nog Martini

Elevate your Egg Nog with this spin on a martini. This drink packs a punch, but it’s so delicious that it leaves you wanting seconds. Please drink responsibly! View today’s recipe here.

Day Five
Christmas Cosmopolitan

This is quite possibly the most luxurious cocktail on our list. With its short list of ingredients and unique flavor, this cocktail is sure to be one of your favorites this season! View today’s recipe here.

Day Six
White Christmas

The White Christmas Cocktail: Be sure to leave this cocktail for Santa on Christmas Eve; that will guarantee that you’re not on the Naughty List next year! This easy, festive cocktail will leave you feeling all warm and cozy. View today’s recipe here.

Day Seven
Frosty the Caramel Apple

This is quite possibly the most interesting cocktail on our list this year. The flavor is very unique, but delicious nonetheless. You’ll love this cocktail so much that you won’t want to share it with Frosty the Snowman! View today’s recipe here.

Day Eight
Butterscotch Martini

You do not have to like butterscotch to appreciate this cocktail.  Its sweet, addicting flavor will become an instant favorite among your friends and family. With only four ingredients, it’s hard to believe that something so simple to make can be so tasty! View today’s recipe here.

Day Nine
Poinsettia Cocktail

This elegant cocktail embodies the spirit and flavors of the holidays perfectly. This recipe in particular is for a pitcher, so it’s perfect for entertaining! Your guests will be very merry – we promise! View today’s recipe here.

Day Ten
Christmas Cocktail

This recipe is from Pro Chef Jamie Oliver. It’s the simplest cocktail on our list, but also the most refreshing. We used clementine juice for ours, however we think that the pomegranate option would be great as well! View today’s recipe here.

Day Eleven
Holiday Punch

This fruity concoction truly packs a punch – no pun intended! Don’t be intimidated by the array of different juices that go into this one. The end result is a balanced, festive punch that will be loved by all! View today’s recipe here.

Day Twelve
Rudolph’s Tipsy Spritzer

Rudolph has good taste in cocktails. This drink is not only pretty to look at, but absolutely delicious as well. If you like creamsicles, you’ll love this cocktail! View today’s recipe here.